Protecting My Investment — The Traveling Klutz’ Way

15 08 2011

I’ve had portable electronic devices long enough to know that if it can be dropped, scratched, drenched, or mutilated in any way, I can and will do it. So when I got my iPad2, the first thing I researched was how to protect it from its owner — me.

One of the first things I learned is that when you get a device within the first month or so of its release, there are not a lot of choices. So when I was looking for a light weight protective case, my choices were limited. I wanted something that would cushion the iPad when I tossed it in my purse or stuffed it in my camera bag. What I found was a neoprene sleeve that was actually designed to be used as a sleeve for a portable DVD player. But it met my requirements — it’s cushioned, easy to use and, as a bonus, it has a degree of waterproofing.

In the meantime, at the same time I ordered my iPad, I ordered the Apple cover.  I didn’t want to use a screen protector because one of the primary reasons I got an iPad is to view and process photos.  I feel that the screen protectors alter the otherwise crisp and accurate projection of photos.  So I use the Apple cover as just that — a cover, not a stand.

Now the back of the case.  I have used Gelaskin products since I learned of them from an online friend.  They are basically vinyl stickers that protect your device, but in creative manner.  You can order one of their hundreds of designs or design your own.  I chose a relatively generic, but colorful, skin to protect the case of my iPad.  For another $29.95, I can change its look whenever I want.  (NOTE:  The skin also comes with a “frame” for the front of the iPad and a file so you can use the same design for your wallpaper.  I have opted to not use these, but have them if I change my mind.)

The other bit that I’ve attached for protection is the StuffBank sticker.  If a good citizen finds my iPad left somewhere unattended, they can contact StuffBak and they will contact me.  I can offer a reward or not.