Old Dog — New Tricks

14 05 2010

I’m learning (note that I didn’t say “trying to learn’) how to use my DSLR camera and the post-processing programs I have at my disposal. I’m learning how to make better prints. I’m taking baby steps.

As most of you know (because I blabbered on and on about it), Joe and I went to Ireland last summer. A photographer’s dream, right? The weather sucked almost every day. Sun on maybe one day. We planned a trip to Galway and the Cliffs of Moher so that we would be at the Cliffs in the afternoon, when I had learned the light was best. It was very windy, spitting a fine mist and cold. ARGH.

On that same day when we were in Galway, we somehow ended up at a marina where there was a huge pile of scrap metal at the end. I had wandered away from Joe, who is used to it, and was eyeing the pile of metal. A local woman came by on her brisk walk. I asked her about the pile and she explained that they brought chewed up scrap metal from all over here by truck and then a ship (with a really big magnet) took it away. She “got” my fascination and she saw my camera. She told me to wait and she would walk by so I could show perspective. (Unedited overexposed and blurry photo — sorry) But don’t you love her red boots?

After she left, I got this shot.

What a mess, eh? But one thing stood out to me.

I am an old dog, but I can learn new tricks. It just takes a bit longer.

After she left, I got this shot.




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